Know About The New Norms Of Catering Services During Pandemic 2021

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3 min readJul 9, 2021


We’re currently over 18 months into the pandemic and it seems as it will continue in the near future. Probably the greatest setback of the pandemic is “work-from-office.” Today, with several organizations declaring permanent work-from-home for their employees, it appears as workplaces will keep on the same track for the rest of the year.

Regardless of whether employees get back to the work environment, it will not be the same old thing. All the nearby Catering Services will have to adapt to the new normal, as it can possibly arise as a super-spreader. Lift access, common lobbies, closed corridors make social distancing difficult in workplaces.

Recent studies show that employees are troubled about getting back to the workplace and are concerned about eating at work. So, does that mean employees will have to eat boxed lunches from home at their work areas or in any corporate event?

No! With years of experience in the best catering services in Calgary, we can certainly express that in-office catering will be back, yet with several changes. In this guide, we take a look at the future of corporate lunch and event catering, so that you will be aware of the recent situation.

Office caterers and office administrators should follow numerous government guidance on setting up the dining spaces. Here are the three aspects to consider:

  • Ensuring social distancing between employees
  • Understand employee movement and simplify it to reduce the chance of infection
  • Establish a set of principles and rules for the dining area

Office administrators should distribute key signage that instructs and reminds employees to follow safety practices consistently. Large fonts, simple language, and continued informing are essential for effective signage.

While food is not a spreader of Covid-19 infection, people still want to be assured that whatever is serving must be safe, clean, and healthy. As one of the best catering services in Calgary, Bistro Marcel has taken the following measures to make sure the safety of each meal we deliver:

  • Food is prepared and dealt with by staff who sanitize regularly, wear hairnets, face masks, face shields, and gloves. All our kitchen staff goes through temperature checks every day or even several times throughout the day.
  • Top-quality and fresh ingredients sourced from reliable local vendors.
  • No open dishes. Each individual meal is stuffed and covered with foil and plastic wrap. The same applies to cutlery, plates, and serving products.

Buffets, open self-service counters, communal eating have been laid to rest for the foreseeable future. Regardless of how delicious the meal, people will not enjoy it if they are stressed over the safety and hygiene of the food. A new pattern in corporate catering is individually packaged food. Be it for regular workday office lunches, a corporate event, or meeting room lunches, customers prefer individually packed food boxes that can be presented with minimal contact. Contact Bistro Marcel for all your corporate catering needs.

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